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What Is Praxis?

Praxis is a new innovation that is rooted in the desire to change the way charity interacts with industry and the public sector. Praxis combines high level theoretical and experiential leadership and team development with effective social responsibility.

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Who Is It For?

The foundations of the course have been designed to cater for private companies, public-sector bodies, children’s nurses and teachers. Through the pre-course consultation, a bespoke syllabus will be developed ensuring the training is tailored and directly relevant to each organisation's specific needs.

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Operation Orphan

Praxis is a wholly owned trading subsidiary of Operation Orphan, a charity committed to supporting Orphans and Vulnerable children around the world.

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African culture is so different from ours and I do not pretend to even begin to understand it, suffice to say I was made very, very welcome and loved almost every minute of my time there especially spending time with the mums and little ones in the Nutrition Centre.
Kathy, Ghana (January 2014)